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When Planned Parenthood tells us they don’t fund abortions with state money, we are expected to believe that state money given them for other programs isn’t freeing up other money for abortions. The funding we give planned parenthood DOES fund abortions. I will fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood


Greg spent years treading the hallways of the state legislature in Jefferson City to lobby for the passage on conceal carry on his own dime. It was a long and difficult fight (14 years) that taught him a great deal about how our state government works.

Obama’s Special Students

Anyone who won’t use a restroom matching their anatomy has special needs. In a private restroom the gender of the user is ALWAYS correct because they are the only one in it. This is too expensive to change at every school and special schools already have restrooms that give such privacy.

Limited Government

So many people collecting welfare don’t get a job because they can’t pass the drug test for employment. If passing the same drug test was necessary to get an EBT card it would level the field and more of them would choose work over welfare. No one should pay for soda with EBT. I will try to make soda off limits for EBT payments. State assistance is for the needy. Soda is a WANT, not a NEED.

About Greg

A Political Outsider

"This is my first time running for any elected office. I have owned a printing company, edited books, and in 2004 started and currently own where hundreds of local residents have received defensive handgun training. Because I was willing to fight through the politics to give Missouri a concealed carry law, I already got my education on how the legislative process works in Jefferson City. "

  • Years as a small business owner

    Years as a small business owner

  • Years spent lobbying for Conceal Carry

    Spending his money to do so, not that of special interests

  • Married 22 Years
  • 0 Years as a Politician

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